Conference Day One: Wednesday, 30th August, 2017

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM Coffee and Registration

8:30 AM - 8:40 AM Conference opening from IQPC and chairperson

Justin Tippett, Managing Director, Contact Centre Central


Justin Tippett

Managing Director
Contact Centre Central

8:40 AM - 9:10 AM App Poll: Question to be Determined- Opening Motivational Futurist Speaker: “The Future of Digital”

Nick Abrahams, Digital Futurist ,


Nick Abrahams

Digital Futurist

9:10 AM - 9:40 AM The Next Generation of Customer Experience – Creating a Seamless Service Through Omni-Channel Engagement

· Strategies for understanding customer channel preference
· How to optimise your digital channels & create sustainable channel shift
· Overcoming integration issues to create seamless experience
· Identifying best practices for providing effective Omni-Channel customer and team engagement
· Addressing what digital platforms should you prioritise for customer engagement

9:40 AM - 10:10 AM Achieving Customer Centricity & Loyalty through Operational Excellence

Melissa Studman, Head of Operations, Australia Post
· Illustrating the complexity, problem areas, unnecessary loops and redundancies in the organisation processes
· Comparing and contrasting the actual versus the ideal flow of a process to identify improvement
· Agreeing on the steps of the process and examining each impact on process performance
· Identifying locations where additional data can be collected and investigated


Melissa Studman

Head of Operations
Australia Post
· Discussing change management strategies and what will work best to change the mind-set of teams
· The next generation employee: discussing employee expectations, leadership, training and feedback models, engagement, career development
· How do you increase team engagement, retention and changing your workforce to achieve exceptional customer service
· Discussing different customer experience metrics and KPIs away from traditional methods
· Designing strategies to engage and motive teams

Andrew Agnew

Department of Agriculture

Amanda Rice

Director Service Delivery
Australian Financial Security Authority

Trevor Bale

Director Helpline
Helpline, Department of Family and Community Services Helpline

10:40 AM - 11:10 AM Speed Networking

11:10 AM - 11:40 AM Coffee and Networking Break

11:40 AM - 1:10 PM Interactive Roundtable Discussions

Due to the exemplary feedback we received from our Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs) in the Las Vegas Contact Centre Week 2016 we’ve decided to launch them in Australia! So in 2017, not only will you hear peer-to-peer led case studies and best practice, you will also receive focused thought leadership and insight into the future of the contact centre industry in Australia. How will the IDGs run?
• The entire audience will break up and choose IDGs based on which topics are most relevant and interesting to them.
• Each IDG is set in a roundtable format and will be facilitated by a shared service practitioner and hosted by a thought leader in the space.
• Each delegate will have the opportunity to select 3 topics and will rotate between their choices every 30 minutes.
• Discussion groups are kept small to ensure all delegates get the opportunity to ask their most pressing questions, ensuring a perfectly tailored experience.

Table One

11:40 AM - 1:10 PM Leadership and Up-Skilling Staff

Developing someone to work across all areas

Table Two


Optimize Engagement throughout the Customer Journey Across Multiple Channels Seamlessly

Table Three



Table Four

11:40 AM - 1:10 PM Omni – Channel

Improving Agent Performance & Customer Experience – Engaging Visually over Mobile & Web Channels in Real-Time

Table Five

11:40 AM - 1:10 PM IVR

Using Voice Recognition to Manage Call Volumes and Enhance Customer Experience

Table Six

11:40 AM - 1:10 PM CHATBOTS and Webchat

Understand how chatbots and webchat are managed and implemented to improve self service

1:10 PM - 2:10 PM Networking Lunch

Digital Innovation

2:10 PM - 2:40 PM Tips and Tools for Managing Social Media under the Public Eye

· Understanding how the DHS manage social media within their organisation
· Partnering with the communications team to ensure tone, quality and risk are managed
· Highlighting case studies on responses to scrutiny and processes for risk management
· Identifying the complications, opportunities and best practices for engaging with social media

Digital Innovation

2:40 PM - 3:10 PM A Debate: Social Media Complaints Carries More Weight than Any Other Channel

Peter Buckmaster, Director of Digital Services, NSW Department of Education
· Ethics of having to resource social media feedback and complaints
· Logistics and operational aspects
· Consumer knows the power
· When is too much: seeking a resolution


Peter Buckmaster

Director of Digital Services
NSW Department of Education

Digital Innovation

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM Lessons Learnt from Transitioning to a Cloud Based Telephony

Nicholas D’Cruz, Contact Centre Manager, NSW Department of Justice
In 2016 LawAccessNSW turned the forced move to a cloud based telephony into an opportunity to revisit long-head practices and engage staff in a series of reforms to provide better service to customers.
Through carefully considered communication, training and change management strategies, staff moved seamlessly onto the new platform and have an embraced the reformation of the other processes for the benefit of staff and customers. These strategies have also seen the following improvements:

· A 75% reduction in time to answer
· A 10% reduction in average handle time, including a 13% reduction in after-call work time
· More motivated staff who are willing to embrace the benefits of new technology and processes


Nicholas D’Cruz

Contact Centre Manager
NSW Department of Justice

Digital Innovation

3:40 PM - 4:10 PM A Journey of Replacing Technology Platforms for a Virtualised Contact Centre

Kevin Kelly, Manager Customer Service Delivery, Service SA, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Using real-time performance for strong adherence reporting information and the impact on overall contact centre
  • Matching the real time performance with rostering visibility and performance
  • Addressing the new coaching model approach to deliver better performance as a result
  • Using the coaching model to engage at high levels and get better outcomes from frontline team


Kevin Kelly

Manager Customer Service Delivery
Service SA, Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Setting up a Contact Centre and Consolidation of Centres

2:10 PM - 2:40 PM Guiding and Influencing Team in a Time of High Demand in Services and Customer Expectations

Wendy Keith, Director Housing Contact Centre, Department of Family and Community Services
To manage an increase in demand and to improve customer experience, the NSW Department of Education and Training has integrated a shared service solution called EDConnect. This merges the IT service desk and the finance contact centre into one virtual centre compromising of 120 team situated in 5 centres across the state. The Contact Centre as a whole now share the same service level measures and accountabilities . This session will present the lessons learnt and challenges faced throughout the set up.
· An overview of the how the Department of Education has amalgamated into one centre
· Strategies for influencing team to become customer centric focused
· Addressing workforce management challenges and opportunities undertaken to mange a changing workforce and organisational re-structure
· Developing transparency and communication skills within teams to engage and motive team with changes
· How the department overcame challenges around KPI measures, organisational change , and a consistent level of service


Wendy Keith

Director Housing Contact Centre
Department of Family and Community Services

Setting up a Contact Centre and Consolidation of Centres

2:40 PM - 3:10 PM Solution Clinic for Amalgamation Challenges

Solution clinics are designed to give participants strategies and tools to deal with their most pressing challenges.
The room will split into tables, where each table member will share their biggest challenge, before collectively deciding which issue to investigate in more detail. The table will then elect a facilitator/note taker who will record the topic being explored and the ideas o the table. After 30 minutes of discussion, the facilitator of each table will then report back to the rest of the audience their problem and potential solutions.

Setting up a Contact Centre and Consolidation of Centres

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM Lessons Learnt from Setting up a Contact Centre at Penrith City Council

Angela Hume, Customer Experience Manager, Penrith City Council
· Setting expectations from the beginning
· Identifying skill sets, requirements and recruitment strategies
· Addressing challenges and lessons learnt to influence change and manage resistance for change
· Understanding the knowledge based system used to create a seamless service
· Tips and tools for setting up a contact centre


Angela Hume

Customer Experience Manager
Penrith City Council

Setting up a Contact Centre and Consolidation of Centres

3:40 PM - 4:10 PM Overcoming Cultural Resilience and a Difference in Service Levels

Sharon Harnett, Director – Customer Access Management, Department of Defence
· Overcoming cultural resilience and technology problems when consolidating centres
· Delivering a consistent level of service through coaching and mentoring team
· Understanding how culture and collaboration sets the scene for greater customer service
· Developing transparency and communication skills within teams to engage and motive team with changes


Sharon Harnett

Director – Customer Access Management
Department of Defence

4:10 PM - 4:40 PM Afternoon Tea

· Understanding how to work through cultural barriers
· Addressing the challenges of Digital Disruption
· Continuous Delivery, Infracoding and Cloud as enablers for an Agile approach
· Creating empowerment within teams


Ole Nielsen

Deputy Chief Digital Officer and Director of Digital Transformation
Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, ACT Government

5:10 PM - 5:40 PM Achieving a Customer Centric Organisation Through a Know Your Customer Philosophy

Peter Bell, Group Manager Customer Support Services, Northern Beaches Council
Warringah Council have undertaken a proven customer driven approach over the past 4 years where they have seen massive improvements to the way they interact and engage with customers. Through this methodology they have established a ‘customer approval rating’ baseline of 75% and an exceptionally high 31% participation rate in which they can identify 25% are using mobile apps. This session will underline the processes and philosophy essential for implementing a successful voice of the customer strategy.

· Identifying techniques used to understand your customer’s preferences and needs
· Addressing evidence based improvements to back new changes and innovation
· Using 3 component themes to develop improvement programmes
· Make the commitment to deal with all customer feedback in a timely manner


Peter Bell

Group Manager Customer Support Services
Northern Beaches Council

5:40 PM - 5:40 PM End of Day one Cocktail Reception and Awards Night