27 - 28 August, 2019 ǀ Swissotel, Sydney, NSW

Pre-Conference Events: Monday, 27th August 2018


10:30 am - 12:30 pm You’re Not Paid to Have a Bad Day

Bad days hit all of us. In some sense we can’t control the elements around us. But we can control how we respond to them. Learn how to master your emotions and keep your mind alert and yourself energised.

To know where you want you and your team to go is a wonderful thing. However, without knowing your starting point you’ll never get there. Often we want to get from A to Z without going through B and C first. Learn to know where you’re at and you’ll be able to take the right direction to where you’re going.

Learn the vital skills of self leadership and team leadership by changing seats at the table. By changing seats at the table you will learn to master empathy, self control and courage. Move beyond being merely resilient, become ‘unbreakable.’

Enjoy Lunch and an Informal Networking Opportunity While You Learn to:

  • Learn to deal with the self-sabotaging mutiny that goes on in all our heads
  • Learn to use human sounding boards to bring balance and focus to your decisions
  • Use three simple yet effective leadership methods to motivate staff and show them you care


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Customer-Centricity through Omnichannel Transformation

The United Kingdom’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy. As the UK’s biggest public service department it administers the State Pension and a rang of working age, disability and ill health benefits to around 18 million claimants and customers. The DWP’s IT systems manage 7.35 million benefits claims each year, paying £165bn in benefits and pensions. In order to meet the dual priorities of delivering outstanding services to customers efficiently and at low cost, the DWP has transformed their customer contact channels. Enjoy Drinks, Canapes and an Informal Networking Opportunity While You Learn to:

  • Blend telephony, portals and chat channels to aid staff in delivering a tailored customer experience
  • Employ user-centred design to optimise end-user interaction
  • Drive first-contact resolution by providing multiple channels for contact and self-service


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Tonight is the perfect opportunity for return CCW veterans to welcome new attendees to the fold. This evening will be filled with trivia and networking drinks so bring your team (or make a new one) so you can enjoy an evening surrounded by your community!